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aries sun, aquarius moon, libra rising

Hello, you can call me Krish! I have a bachelors in psychology with hopes of eventually becoming a primary care physician, but in the meantime I'm creating art and ruling over the midwest United States. I first learned HTML/CSS from Neopets pet pages, and I eventually carried those skills onto customizing my Deviantart and Tumblr profiles. These days I use my coding abilities to be a subpar webmaster and live out my childhood dreams of being important enough to have my own website.

Miscellaneous Facts About Me

I speak English, Tamil and French (questionably)
My favorite color is pink & my favorite animals are bunnies
The first anime I watched was the Canadian dub of Futari wa Precure on YTV every morning before school when I was eight
My drink of choice is an iced lavender matcha latte
I'm literally a real life princess ♡

Characters I See Myself In


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