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I plan to update this page periodically whenever I feel like it, to serve as a snapshot of who I was at various points in my life.

Last Updated: 8/28/2023
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Personal Updates

Current Era

I'm in my Barbie era!

⤷ The Barbie movie changed my perspective of the franchise for the better. As a brown femme that grew up with Barbie dolls, I've always had a really complex relationship with the franchise because I absolutely adored the aesthetics and messaging behind the dolls ("You can be anything you want to be") but always felt a sense of cognitive dissonanace because of the core image of Barbie being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman. I think that the movie did a great job reinforcing that a Barbie can be anyone with it's diverse cast, and explicitly stating Margot Robbie's character as "Stereotypical Barbie". I left the movie feeling empowered to embrace my femininity and love for pink while also leaning into all of my various hobbies and interests, because there's no one way to be "Barbie".

Who Am I?

Right now I'm a DIY postbacc college student staying in the United States with my immediate family. I'm taking classes that I avoided during undergrad because they were known weedouts at my previous four-year university, as well as strengthening my GPA for when I eventually apply to medical school. I'm taking being "premed" a lot more seriously now that I don't have the various distractions undergrad had. I will apply to both medical school and formal postbacc programs next year.

In my free time, I'm a hobbyist artist, game dev, and web dev!

Where Am I?

Physically: I'm in my home state living with my family.

Online: I'm spending most of my time on discord and my personal site, working on building my own sense of identity.

What Am I Doing?


⤷ I'm working on reviving my OCs from when I was in highschool :,) I've been finding it therapeutic to express my feeling through my OCS as a creative outlet rather than doing self-portraits and realistic fiction writing all of the time.

⤷ Doing my best to learn the Ren'Py and RPG Maker MV engines so that I can bring some of my OC stories to life! I want to actually create and release some of the games I made in one of my game dev classes over the summer.

⤷ I'm grateful that having a personal site with no restrictions is helping me with discovering what things I "truly" want to create, instead of what things would to "best" on a particular platform.


⤷ Currently taking a break from creating new pages to go back and clean up code on pages I've already created.

⤷ I'm brushing of on my HTML/CSS/Javascript skills via courses. Most of the webdev skills that I have are from when I played Neopets back in fourth grade, so I'd like to learn some of the newer practices. I'd also like to learn how to increase accessibility on my site as a whole.


⤷ Studying French has been put on hold as I sort out my life in other areas.

⤷ It's eventually my goal to get my medical translation license in French.


⤷ I've been using a new planning strategy to get done all of my daily tasks and it's been going well!

⤷ I'm trying to take better care of my body via eating better and exercising more.

⤷ I'm trying to learn how to cook more than just frozen foods ♡(ミ ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣ ﻌ ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣ ミ)ノ Quite frankly I'm embarrassed of how much I depend on my parents to feed me and I'd like to change that...


Color: Light Pink

Flower: Peonies

Animals: Bunnies

Fruit: Cotton Candy Grapes

Time of Day: Morning

Bath and Bodyworks Scents: Gingham Love, Strawberry Poundcake

Alcohol: Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Boba Order: Taro milk tea with regular boba

Sanrio Character: My Melody

Pokemon: Musharna

Neopets Species: Kacheek

AC Villager: Chevre


Rainbow things: NB Lesbian

Star Signs: Aries ☼, Aquarius ☾, Libra ↑


Enneagram: 3w2

Chinese Zodiac: Metal Snake

Other: Bargain Bin Princess, Cherry Flavored Disaster, Bunnygirl, Prep-Nerd Aligned