Frequently Asked Questions

What does your handle mean?

“Sanguine” comes from the “Four Temperaments Test”. Back in 2015 when I took it for the first time, I actually got the result “Phlegmatic”, but I feel like “Sanguine” fits me a lot more personally. “Royal” comes from the fact that I see myself as a real life princess, I just use “Royal” because it’s a shorter word and aligns more with my nonbinary identity.

Can I use your code/graphics/art?

In general— yes as long as you’re not ripping entire layouts. Warning in advance for how unorganized my code can be, lol. I have pages dedicated to my own “free to use” graphics and “helpful links” is just a public amalgamation of all the resources I've come across for my own reference made public. I always appreciate credit but it’s not necessary, just know that if you claim anything not yours as yours I think you’re a loser.

When will this site be finished?

This site will never necessarily be “finished” in my eyes. It’s purpose is personal and is an outlet for my self expression. As my coding skills develop and I grow as a person it’s fair to assume that my site will grow alongside me.

What do you use to draw?

iPad Air + Apple Pencil Gen 2 + Procreate.