The Blackhole
There's a hole where your heart used to be and nothing is filling that hollow void. You could drown in a world curated for you, and still nothing seems to fit. It eats you alive knowing you're unsure how to satiate the hunger of your soul. It's barely hunger, it's more like a blackhole.
What kind of suffering are you?

classic snoopy
You are classic snoopy! You are authentic and original. People love you so much just as you are.
which Snoopy Plushie are you?

family as a cult
you will never need anyone else. outsiders will hurt you, aim to corrupt you and ruin you and leave you in pieces, but your family will always be there for you. everyone has the same eyes, the same smile. the same sickly yellow light cast over their skin. the same tastes, the same food that melts to gray sludge on your tongue. family recipe. hugs last too long, touches linger and sting like sunburn. don't stray too far. if you come back looking like a wolf rather than a sheep, the dogs will eat you.
what horror trope/metaphor i enjoy are you

Fan favorite side character
You are the chosen one. The random side character the entire fandom chooses as their favorite. You're not as interesting or focused on in the canon- but the fandom goes wild. They give you a full backstory, an amazing character arc, a perfect love interest, the best fanart around- they love you. You won. You won the fandom lottery.
How would a fandom actually treat you

Clawdeen Wolf
You're a no-nonsense type of person, and all of your friends love you for it. You're in touch with your creative side and are going to make amazing things. Keep it up.
What G1 Monster High Character Are You Most Like?

pink lemonade
how do you have so much energy? you love summer, competition, and sweet things! you're probably always at the pool during summer. your vibes are flamingos, sunglasses, and the sun.
what poptarts flavor are you (wacky flavors included)

You are just like the SNOOTY villagers from the Animal Crossing-franchise! You are a bit arrogant, self-centred and snobby. You are often sarcastic, and others sometimes think you are a «bitch» (no offence). But on the inside, you're a really kind person.
Which Animal Crossing-personality do you have?

you wear a layer of deceiving armor over your sensitive soul. faking it till you make it may get you through this obstacle. be brave, don’t let the world step on you.
find the color of ur aura

you ARE the cult
you would run an entire cult. you ARE the cult.
would you join a cult??

hot matcha with whipped cream
you probably go to starbucks or a bubble tea place where you spend wayyyy too much money at least once a week. still though you know what you want in life and you have ambitious goals. you probably run on like 5 hours sleep and need caffeine tho
Which bubble tea flavour are you

rock type miku
you got rock miku! you're very headstrong and you love exploring what the world has to offer you. you love balance and order. your friends rely on you a lot because you have a good ear and good judgement! you hold yourself to a high standard though...
ੈ✩‧₊˚ which pokemon miku type are you?

strawberry pound cake
vv kind, kinda basic but cool, silly! i feel like you're more of a dog or bunny person you might be a swiftie? or maybe you listen to like beach bunny. or like ricky Montgomery or smth
what bath and body works scent are you?

love that calms
this is sweet. i hope you know that you make others feel at ease around you. you're a gem, a blessing, a treasure – and you should know it. it's comfortable loving you. it's a privilege to be around you and to be let into your world.
what kind of love are you?

oh my. it seems you've been wronged— and deeply at that. why, there's a canyon from your clavicle to your coccyx! sharp in the marrow, hung and wrung and left to dry. betrayal is the cruelest violence and it seems you've drawn the shortest straw. it must be absolutely dreadful; to be strewn a-smudge and starved of the sweet. being emptied like this must make you so red; so insatiable. you poor thing. pick up your guts, darling. this is hardly the place to make a mess. [ you bubble with something strange beneath the skin. ]
how do you end?

sweet supporting character
i wanna be your grandma so bad, please let me pinch your face and knit you a sweater. you're most likely the best friend of the protagonist, and there's some possible overlap between you and the narrator. you're sweet and try very hard to be selfless. you watch the ones you love descend into darkness, and make every effort to help them through it all. it's not enough. you keep trying to make it enough. you provide comic relief, a listening ear, a hug, advice── any method of support you can think of. your own personal tragedy isn't documented. sometimes you wish it was, even though you're the one who ensures it is not. you want people to care for you the way you do for others. but you refuse to ask for it, so you wait for others to read between the lines. they usually don't. at least you're the one who gets to survive the tragedy. no matter how many times you beg to trade places, it is always you at the end, sitting at someone else's grave.
what's your role in the tragic play?

scottish fold cat
you might have an anxiety disorder. you are also probably everybody's favorite person <3 you always have the right words for any situation, and you are a comforting presence to your friends and/or family!
what type of cat are you?

narrator - my year of rest and relaxation
u are actually insufferable and need to be medicated
which iconic femcel character are you?

evil woman aka GIRLBOSS
i support women's wrongs
what common trope are you?

Moon people
Quiet and happy ,creative with no goal
star,moon,sun or cloud person?

constantly in love
oh my god calm down please not everyone is interested in you. You often get heartbroken (I wonder why) please take care please darling oh god
What kind of dumb are you??

And I’ve bet you’ve never even kissed a woman in your life. Shame on you
What’s your gender on a scale from trans to Italian?

Simon Blackquill
"Emo Boy" by Ayesha Erotica plays~ this is both a win bc Blackquill is great, but also like are you good bro?
Another AA Kin Assignment Quiz

You are: The faerie of the hillside. Often friends with: Kipp, Flannery --- --- Find more information about your faerie at @meadowsofthemind on instagram
Which faerie are you?

Needs A Hug
The poor little meow meow. The traumatised one. The one that just can't catch a break. You have a tragic backstory, and it just doesn't get better from there. You. get beaten up, sacrificed, nearly die, your crush doesn't like you back, you develop a mental disorder, almost die again... all of tumblr wants to hug you and then write angsty fanfiction about you.
How Fandom Would See You If You Were A Fictional Character