Rabbit Hearted

:: Do you have a rabbit's soul?

Welcome to Rabbit Hearted, a web clique created for anyone who believes they have a rabbit's soul.

Rabbit Hearted was launched by Krish on January 28th 2024.

This page was last updated on July 2nd 2024. We currently have 22 members listed!

:: What is a web clique?

A web clique, also known as a text clique, is a collection of website owners who share a similar interest or value. We all see ourselves as having a rabbit's soul, but instead of a fanlisting, this claim clique is meant to be linked onto your website as a declaration of what kind of rabbit you are.

This web clique was inspired by A Soul of a Cat!

:: Rules

This is only a clique in the nostalgic old web sense! We're open to whoever has their own website, and as long as you follow the rules below.

  1. This is a claim clique, meaning it is meant to be linked onto your website as a declaration of what you rule over.
  2. You must have a personal website. Websites or blogs hosted on theme-based platforms like Weebly, Wix, Tumblr, Blogspot, LiveJournal, Wordpress.com, or Blogger must either have custom themes and/or a customized stylesheet that showcases the site owner's creativity. NSFW websites may be labeled as such.
  3. Please put the code up before you join - this makes things easier for everyone! If the code isn't on your page when you join, you won't be listed.
  4. Your website should have no hate speech, bigotry, or discriminatory content.
  5. You must choose a what species and/or rabbit color you are.
  6. Your code must be visible on your website. Choose something like a Cliques/Joined page, splash page, or index.html to display your code. If your code is hard to find, it will be assumed you want to be removed from the clique, and you will be removed. Just re-submit if you'd like to rejoin!
  7. You can claim multiple taglines for multiple URLs. Just re-submit the form!

:: Codes

You can use any of the codes below, style them however you want, or make up something completely on your own.

I am Rabbit Hearted!

I have the soul of a [Insert Your Rabbit Breed]

Rabbit Hearted :: [Insert Your Rabbit Breed]

Rabbit Hearted // [Insert Your Rabbit Breed]

:: Image Codes




:: Join

Please be sure to read the rules before joining! Feel free to use this form to update your current listing.

:: Members

Members are listed in order of received applications.

  1. Krish is a brown mini lop! (SFW)
  2. Mizuki is a dwarf hotot and Holland lop! (SFW)
  3. Eve Marie is a mini lop! (SFW)
  4. Lapin is a harlequin rabbit! (SFW)
  5. Luna is a chocolate Holland lop! (SFW)
  6. Michelle is a white Britannia petite rabbit! (SFW)
  7. Azure is a cream Holland lop! (SFW)
  8. Adrianne is a cream Holland lop! (SFW)
  9. Florrie is a Blanc de Hotot! (SFW)
  10. Rin is a white polar rabbit! (SFW)
  11. Dizzy is a pygmy rabbit! (SFW)
  12. Kiley is a Holland lop! (SFW)
  13. Badger is a Continental Giant! (SFW)
  14. Coco is a English Lop! (SFW)
  15. Avis is a Blanc de Hotot! (SFW)
  16. JP is a Netherland dwarf! (SFW)
  17. Riu is a broken cream Holland Lop! (SFW)
  18. Danny is a Volcano rabbit! (SFW)
  19. Fernanda is a white and brown Holland Lop! (SFW)
  20. Deb Manci is an orange rabbit! (SFW)
  21. Middlepot is a broken cream Holland Lop! (SFW)
  22. Ame is a white and grey German Lop! (SFW)

:: Exits

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