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brookexoxo, November 09, 2023

Yay, new guestbook!!!

Wasp, September 26, 2023

Hello! Hope you have a wonderful day. ^u^

Owl, September 26, 2023

new guestbook yippee!!!!!

Claire, September 26, 2023

slaps hex's seal of approval on the guestbook

hex, September 26, 2023

Ham-ha! Cool new guestbook you have here! :3 I love your new closet page. I'm always looking for brands that will last some time because I wear my clothes until they fall apart. Literally! Fila disarray are like my favorite shoes EVER. My first pair I LITERALLY wore down the material until there was like nothing left. Unfortunately, they only lasted me about 2 years, but I abused them heavily LOL. I wore them while working in the pharmacy, so I was on my feet 10-12 hours a day. xoxo <3

Mari, August 29, 2023

nice site and i loved the calm energy here =)

16504532, August 22, 2023

i love your place here <3 thanks for making it

Lucifer, August 14, 2023

Hello! Just wanted to say your site is so cute and cozy and I'm adopting your kitty for the kitty friends pixel club, she looks so much like my childhood tortie! <3

Glissegirl, August 12, 2023

just testing the word limit c: absolutely adorable comment box. i love it

Mala, July 19, 2023